About Selectron

We are a privately owned Canadian company specializing in the following fields:

- Buying and Selling of Pre-Owned Test Equipment
- Buying and Selling of Pre-Owned Production Equipment

Established in 1975, our focus has been on Service Dependability and Availability.

Selectron began as a manufacturer's representative firm in the fields of printed circuit boards, transformers, sheet metal products and contract manufacturing.

Selectron still represents certain companies in these fields today. This part of the business is done only on a local basis.

Sales of pre-owned test and production equipment began in November of 1996, following a major plant shutdown in the Montreal area. At the same time Selectron Inc., was looking for an opportunity to diversify. Seeing that there was such a demand on the market for good, lower cost test and production equipment, we decided to intensify our efforts in the field of pre-owned equipment.

If you are searching for items and unable to locate the item in our inventory, please contact us. We can help you by locating the equipment requested.

8195 Marco Polo
Montreal (Quebec)
H1E 5Y8 Canada

Phone : (514) 326-5261
Fax : (514) 321-9870



For general information - info@select-test.com
For pricing & delivery information - info@select-test.com

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