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Your search has ended for Service, Dependability
and Availability of Pre-Owned Equipment...

We specialize in pre-owned electronic test and production (assembly) equipment. If your needs are to buy or sell equipment,
we can be of assistance. We can even arrange for a lease to own program. We know that funds are not always readily available for capital expenditures and that equipment is still a necessity to grow and keep up with the competition. This is why pre-owned equipment can be the solution to maintain a steady growth, keep up with the growing needs of the market and still be on target with budgets.

Pre-owned or used equipment is not synonymous with battered, end-of-line or outdated equipment. We offer reliable equipment, which will satisfy your needs. You are probably not in need of the latest technology at the high market prices. Equipment can be a little less recent and still be in excellent condition to meet the needs for your current and future applications. We have supplied large companies with a great variety of equipment that is less than one year old, which became available on the used equipment market . This is a wise strategy for bottom line results, rather than investing large sums of capital in new equipment you can turn them into profits.

If you are searching for equipment and are unable to locate the item in our inventory, please contact us. We can help you by locating the equipment you need.